Looking for something to keep the kids occupied at your wedding. We can supply an event for children of all ages that keep them occupied, interested and enthralled during "the boring stuff" like speeches etc that for experience we know all kids hate. The events can be tailored to your requirements, for any number of children with any number of crafts. Whether you want one craft to keep them busy during the speeches, or a number of crafts to give them something to do throughout the meal, speeches and evening entertainment - anything is possible.

We can also tailor out events to ensure the "best clothes" remain at their best.

School Events

If your school has an event or cause it is getting behind, why not do a themed events to tie in with it. We can offer events that are not only exciting and innovative but also educational and can be tied in with your curriculum activities.

Hen Nights

In these difficult financial times, why not have a hen night with a difference, invite your friends, bring your own food and wine and relax . We can offer a range of fun activities that won't break the bank.

Family Fun

Wherever you’re running your event, Indoor Discovery can bring an extra special dimension.

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Giant collage: In this group activity, everyone can contribute to making a big collage to commemorate the event or the place.
Decorate an animal: Use our fab and funky range of decorative papers to decorate a paper mache animal.
Felt a square: Felting is an ancient art – and you realise that’s no surprise when everyone enjoys gets stuck into creating their own felt square. It involves lots of colourful wool and soap bubbles! Young and old alike love felting.

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